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Author - Keith has been an avid fisherman for close to 40 years. He started Get Hooked Fishing Adventures in 1994 and has grown his guided fishing business just west of Edmonton, Alberta Canada into a fulltime business. His passion for what he does shines through on every trip.


Well after a winter that seemed like it never wanted to leave I think it is safe to say the ice is gone now till next winter. This is our 23rd year in operation and as always we look forward to seeing many of our past guests and meeting new folks that want a memorable experience. Please check out some of our accomplishments that we were acknowledged for over the winter.

Environmental Award

Unknown to us at Get Hooked, a nomination was made to the Alberta Fish & Game Association for their annual awards held each Spring. Well much to our surprise Get Hooked owner Keith Rae along with Duane Radford won the award.

The Henry Lembicz  CLEAN AIR, CLEAN LAND, CLEAN WATER AWARD is awarded to the club or individual who has done an outstanding job towards pollution control or clean-up of our environment.

Keith and Duane brought attention to a major release of sediment into the North Saskatchewan River in 2013-14.

Keith and Duane described the environmental effects, the impacts on the fish resources and the concern for the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem. They took the issue to the Alberta Fisheries Roundtable and to the Alberta Government and eventually to the media.

The government took limited action; however, increased public awareness of such harmful effects of sedimentation was achieved.

We are very proud of this award as it shows that we are more than a guided fishing service, we care about our surroundings.

Tops in Alberta Guided fishing and Lodges

What a surprise to find in a GOOGLE search that TripAdvisor lists Get Hooked Fishing Adventures the #1 guided or charter fishing in all of Alberta. It is because of you our great guests that we have earned that status. Your feedback has helped us earn the Certificate of Excellence for the last three years in a row. We look forward to maintaining that status for many years to come. Thanks all of you!!!


Another Successful Spring Sturgeon Trip

Well Mike and his crew had an incredible sturgeon trip that they won’t soon forget. Though they had a rough first day due to weather they managed to boat several decent fish but then on their Sunday trip the flood gates opened up and they boated 16 fish, I heard there was a few stiff arms by the end of the day, LOL. My girlfriend and I headed out to the Fraser two weeks later and boated some magnificent fish, Christy started out with a 4 footer then a much thicker 5 foot beauty.

We are booking Fall trips for combo salmon and sturgeon so please give us a call to reserve you dates.


If you are tired of waiting book today and we will be happy to get you out on the water. Lake season starts on the 15th but give it a couple of weeks to warm up and the action picks up. The river still has not peaked so a chance to catch a few is always there.




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Happy New Year 2017

Howdy folks sorry for the delay but the last few months have been crazy times for me but back on track now.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that some of you are out ice fishing, lots of ice I hear from all the cold in December.

Here is a bit of an update from Late Sept. and what is coming up.

Fall Fishing 2016

With water conditions being a bit off early in Sept. it took a week or two to settle down and when it did the fishing was incredible right up till Nov. 16 when we did our last trip. The numbers of fish were good and perhaps seeing a small increase. More small fish then we have seen in the past but also some real monsters in the 8-10 lb. range. We had the biggest walleye I have seen for a very long time beside the boat then spit the hook, heart breaking for the client but at least he saw it. Small fish is a good sign that the fish are bouncing back in the middle section.

Nice Pike


Goldeye, Brown Trout and Crazy Weather

2017 Spring Sturgeon Trip

We have picked April 1-2 and 8-9 as our dates for our annual Spring Sturgeon trip. If you are interested in joining us please drop me a line at 780-953-0759 or email me at keith@gethookedfishing.com. I have travelled out in early Nov. for the last few years as well and done well for sturgeon and salmon so we can always put together a package for you.

Commercial Water Work

In 2015 Get Hooked branched out to do some light duty commercial water work in Calgary on the Bow River. In 2016 we were the successful bidder on a City of Edmonton Drainage contract. In 2017 we are going to be looking for more commercial work as well as maintaining our City contract. If you know any companies looking for water support please have them give us a call and we will be happy to work with them.

Booking For 2017 Now Open

We are now accepting bookings for the 2017 season. Please feel free to call me at 780-963-4279 or email keith@gethookedfishing.com.

Remember to “Keep Your Hook In The Water”




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Great Summer And Up Coming Fall Fishing

     In spite of what has been quite a wet summer this year we have not hardly lost a day of fishing and all guests have gone home with some great pictures as well as fond memories of their day on the water.
In 2016 we have had a chance to meet many new guests from around the world such as Egypt, England, Australia, China and of course our great neighbor’s to the south, USA. Also age has ranged from 5 years old to an impressive 84 years old, just shows you that you are never to young or old to get out fishing. We also saw an increase in fishing gals this year and they sure make for an interesting day of laughs and good fish.

IMG_1140 Blog 6 Blog 2 Blog 5 Blog 1 Blog 8

This has to be the biggest smile of the season.

Blog 3

Fly Fishing Lessons

For our first year offering beginner fly casting and then a part day of fishing we are pleased to say almost every one went home having caught a pike or walleye on the fly as well as the basics of fly casting.

IMG_1521 IMG_1556

Sneak Peak at New Shimano Reel

NASCI is an exciting, new, powerful spinning reel with unparalleled gear durability at its price point. Incorporating upgraded drag, X-Ship and HGN Gearing, and available in sizes from 1000 through 5000, it’s a great choice for everything from light freshwater to medium saltwater applications.

Blog 7 Blog 4

Fall Fishing Starting Soon

The river is high right now but dropping daily and we hope to be back on it soon. The days we have been on the river this season have all been very productive and as the weather cools the fishing will only get better.

IMG_0867 (1024x765) IMG_0921 (1024x765) IMG_0906 (1024x765) IMG_0811 (1024x765) (1024x765) IMG_0204 (800x598) IMG_0206 (1024x765)


We still have spots available so please book sooner than later to get the date you want.

Booze and Boats

This is a good example of why boating and booze don’t mix. This group hit dry land and were very lucky no one was hurt seriously. They were also lucky that we helped them out, not something we do to boaters that are drinking and behaving badly.

Blog 9

We had already moved it around ten feet before this picture.

Hope to see many of you this Fall and remember “Keep Your Hook In The Water”


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Summer Edition

Well it has been a very busy season so far and folks are catching a pile of fish. With most of our trips on the lake so far, people are doing more half day trips this year. It continues to offer up a real nice pike and lots of smaller ones to keep you busy. The river trips still are the most beautiful place to fish and a mixed bag of fish to catch.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

Get Hooked and The Fishin’ Hole Team Up

Get Hooked Fishing Adventures and The Fishin’ Hole recently partnered for a spot on CFRN’s Morning Live show. I was a chance to promote both companies as well as many of our fine sponsors. Check out this link and drop down to select the GH& FH footage. http://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/video?binId=1.1203468

The New Boat

The new boat has been a big hit with quests and I know I sure am fan!!!!

Saved Pictures

There are still spots open in August and September as well as Oct.so if you have a date in mind drop us a line, lol.

Remember “Keep Your Hook In The Water”


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Some Big News For 2016

Sorry for not posting sooner but have been waiting for two of the items in this BIG NEWS edition of the BLOG, lol.

The New Boat Is Here

Well after what seemed like forever when you are all jacked up about getting something new and have to wait, the wait is over and we have a brand new boat to add to our small fleet of boats. I am pleased to introduce the Explorer 172 DC with 115/80 Yamaha outboard jet. I was very fortunate to be able to customize a lot of this boat and thanks to Dave over at Explorer my dream fishing machine is ready to rock and roll this season. With the storage that has been incorporated into this boat and the casting platforms not only on the front but the back as well, we now have end to end room for fishing and nothing on the deck for you to trip on. Here are a few pictures of the build.

IMG_0477 IMG_0501 IMG_0556 IMG_0616 IMG_0620 IMG_0626

The first trip is on Saturday and super excited to show this new boat off.

Third Year In A Row

I want to send out a great big thank you to everyone that took the time to share their time with us with the world on TripAdvisor. To win it one year is great, two years is fantastic but three years is very rare. It has meant so much to us to hear so much positive feedback and people listen to what you have to say. It has helped grow our business here at Get Hooked and we appreciate it. It takes very little time with the link we send out to you as part of our thank you email. We hope that folks continue to share with others. https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g499111-d2180292-Reviews-Get_Hooked_Fishing_Adventures_Ltd_Tours-Stony_Plain_Alberta.html


Two New Packages Start This Weekend

The new for 2016 packages “Bare Bones” and “Beginner Basic Fly Fishing Lessons” will start this weekend with one trip on Saturday and the BB on Sunday. We have sold several of these packages already this season and are getting calls about them daily. So if you are looking at getting out and saving some money the Bare Bones may be what you are looking for.

bare bones2

Always wanted to learn to fly fish? Well come and check out our two person day of getting the basics of fly fishing and a chance to try it out right away chasing hungry pike on a fly.

Fly Pic

I hope everyone has a great summer and we hope to see you on the water sometime this season.

Remember “Keep Your Hook In The Water”



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We Have Done It Again!!!!

I am pleased to announce that Get Hooked Fishing Adventures has ben selected for the TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence” for the unheard of THIRD straight year. We are so very grateful to all of our guests that have taken the time to share their experience with others about the time spent with us. Also thanks so much for all the kind words about our service and team at Get Hooked.

We strive to provide a top level of service year after year and always looking for new ways to improve. As Alberta’s only Certified Freshwater Angling Guides it is what makes us want to continue to be industry leaders in the service industry.

You make what we do a dream come true.



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Two New Products for 2016

Well Spring sure came early this year and with that everyone starts thinking about getting out on the open water. With the launch of the new website we are also pleased to offer two new packages to our repeat customers as well as the many new ones booking trips for the 2016 season.

Bare Bones Packages

With the economic down turn in Alberta’s economy we decided to create a low price value package. This package is geared to groups of 4 people that want to get on the water with family or friends but not to spend a lot of money. These lake trips are guide, boat, tackle only and you supply all your refreshments and food. Life vests and rain gear will still be supplied as well. The cost is $610.00 for full day trips and $495.00 for half day trips.


Beginner Basic Fly Fishing Lessons

If you are looking for fly fishing basics and the chance to catch a fish on the fly why not book one of our Beginner Fly Fishing Day’s.

Trip includes:

  • Use of fly fishing rod and reel (You can bring your own as well).
  • Morning training and practice on proper rod holding, stances and casting techniques.
  • Full sit down gourmet lunch.
  • Afternoon of actual fly fishing for pike with your guide.
  • Meet at 8:00 AM and return at 5:00 PM.

Cost: $400.00 per day/single. $255.00 per/person double (Max. 2 people per day) (Price does not include 5% GST or Gratuities.)

Fly Pic

Mike and Tony’s Sturgeon Adventure

Long time customer and now friend Mike decided to take out his uncle Tony to BC’s Fraser River for some sturgeon action. Mike has been on several of our Spring sturgeon excursions so he was happy to introduce his uncle to these incredible fish. I think Tony is sold on them now.

Mike 2016 Tony 2016

We can arrange salmon and sturgeon trips all year long so give us a call for more information.

New Boat

It was time to up grade some of our fleet of boats so this winter we sold a few boats and ordered one of the new Explorer 172 which will be custom built for our needs. I hope to send out photo’s of the boat being built soon as it will start being built the third week of April. It will not be Yellow!!!!!

IMG_0070 IMG_0071

Booking Now

We have started to take bookings for the 2016 season so if you have a date in mind please drop us an email or call Keith @ 780-963-4279.






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2016 Is A Year Of Changes

       New Website

Well it was time for a change and it is now complete. You will notice a completely revamped look and feel to Get Hooked Fishing’s website. It is more user friendly and compatible with tablets and phones. It is now linked directly to our Facebook page so when we post your picture it automatically goes to our photo gallery. It also now allows me to change text and photo’s quickly and easily. Take a look and I am sure you will find yourself somewhere on a page or in the photo gallery. Thanks to Xpression Webs and Yvonne for helping create the new site and all her information. Anyone looking to change to an easy to manage site give me a call and I will give you their contact information, highly recommend them.

2016 Spring Sturgeon Fishing

It is that time of year when we can’t wait to escape the hard water season. So why not to start to plan a Spring Sturgeon Trip. It is our annual back to back weekends and we have picked April 2-3 and 9-10 as this years dates. The trips are 3 nights and two days fishing with the great folks at BC Sportfishing Group. You can find out more details and pricing on our BC Trip page . Not only can you book for Spring Trips but also for any other time of the year. The fall salmon/sturgeon trips are very popular. Please contact keith@gethookedfishing.com or call 780-963-4279.

IMG_2076Jumping Sturgeon IMG_1196 IMG_1196 (800x600) Crystal and Theo #3 (800x450) IMG_1146 (598x800)

New Packages

This year due to the economic situation here in Alberta and Canada Get Hooked created a new no frills package called “Bare Bones”. It is for 4 people on a lake trip with only guide, boat, life vests, tackle and water are provided. There is the choice between full and half day. You can choose to add a lunch at additional cost or bring your own. A per/person rate is $152.50 for the full day and $123.75 for the half day per/person.

We are looking at offering fly fishing lessons for beginners and fishing in a full day package. Will announce when available.

Steve walleye on Fly  IMG_1521 IMG_0471 (800x598)

Winter Activities

There are a couple of winter outdoor events coming up we would like to mention. On Feb. 6 at Chickakoo Lake, Parkland County is holding the first “Warm Up To Winter” day. You can find more details with this link FUN DAY .

On Feb. 15 The Fishin” Hole will be holding their annual Family Fun Day Fishing Day at Lac Ste Anne, main pier in Alberta Beach. There will be free hotdogs and hot chocolate. The start time is 9-3 in the afternoon.


Taking Bookings For 2016 Now

We have started to book trips for the 2016 season so if you have any dates in mind please call or email me and we will take care of your bookng.

IMG_0328 IMG_0305 IMG_0640





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2015 Fall Fishing Is Here And So Is The Pizza Soup!!!

     Big Boys Starting To Bite

IMG_0606 IMG_0545 IMG_0457

Today is officially the first day of Fall and with the slight chill in the air and the beautiful Autumn colors we look forward to great days of fishing ahead.. This is the time of year when the fish start to bite better and we have seen some great fish caught in the last few weeks with at least 1 walleye exceeding 60cm on each trip.

Oct. 1 signals the start of our hot lunch program which means it is Pizza Soup time. Many of our guests wait till the soup is served before they book their Fall trips.

IMG_0691 IMG_0651 IMG_0683

October Changes 

This October we have lost the service of long time guide Randy, we hope it will only be a temporary leave of absence. With this it will only be myself doing weekday trips so a maximum number of three people per boat. For weekends I may be able to get either Brian or Berry to run the extra boat so a total of six people.

My boat will have a HEATER this fall for those that get cold easily. May add a second to the other boat if enough trips are booked.

We are not heavily booked at this time for October so several open dates. Dates booked up so far are the 1,2,3,4,10,16 and 24th. I understand the economy is going through tough times right now, still a good time to finally get that valued customer out while things are a bit slower.

IMG_0445 IMG_0460 IMG_0640

Lake Wabamun Update

The lake continues to fish very well, numbers down a little but still producing a day full of fishing fun.

IMG_0410 IMG_0430 IMG_0439 IMG_0490 IMG_0517 IMG_0574

Start Planning Your 2016 BC Sturgeon Trips

Many folks have asked me when we will be looking at our Spring Sturgeon Getaway. I am looking at April 2-3 and 9-10. This is always a good time and some great fish have been caught. You can also contact me about any other dates that you would rather go out and perhaps do a combination Sturgeon/Salmon trip. These need to be booked early as they sell them out each year and they put over 25 boats a day on the water.

Theo and Crystal #2 (800x450)IMG_1160 (800x598)IMG_1202 (800x598)

I look forward to seeing some of you folks that have booked every Fall and hope some new faces come out to give it a try.

“Remember To Keep Your Hook In The Water”



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Super Hot Fishing This Summer

Well as one of the best summers weather wise continues so does the great fishing this season. More fish have been caught this year then in the past 4 or 5 years. Guests are heading home with some great memories and big numbers of fish caught,

Red Hot Lake Wabauman

This lake continues to produce huge numbers of fish for our clients and throw in some lake monsters that makes for a fantastic day. We have not had a day under 100 fish and as high as 168 fish since the middle of June and there is no sign of it slowing down. The kids have been the ones catching most of the big ones, so parents get those kids out there for a thrill of a lifetime.

IMG_0334 IMG_0305 IMG_0303 IMG_0263 IMG_0194 IMG_0185 IMG_0167 IMG_0134IMG_0311

River Time Is Around The Corner

We have been doing a few trips on the river and each time out gets a bit better as we get closer to Sept. We had a big burp of water from the Bighorn Dam that muddied up the water one day but Grant and his wife Lacey got the job done and boated some good goldeye. What a great way for couples and parents with kids to spend the day on this beautiful gem we call the NSR.

IMG_0328 IMG_0266 IMG_0090 IMG_0270 IMG_0272 IMG_0293

YMCA Kids Day

Well I attended my 5th “Cooking with Kids” YMCA camp day. I go out and show the kids how to fillet and debone whole salmon, season it and BBQ them. It is so much fun and the kids all get to take part in the preparation and get to enjoy eating the end results. Big group this year with 44 kids divided into groups of 11.


Trip Advisor

As mentioned we have been awarded the 2015 Certificate of Excellence again this year, that is two years in a row. It is because of feedback from our great clients that we have been able to maintain this level. If you have not had a chance to share your experience but wish to go to  http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g499111-d2180292-Reviews-Get_Hooked_Fishing_Adventures_Ltd_Private_Tours-Stony_Plain_Alberta.html



2015 Trip Advisor

The Fishin' Hole

Well as many of you know Get Hooked Fishing Adventures and The Fishin’ Hole have had a long standing relationship. Well I just wanted to inform everyone that on Aug. 26th the annual “Wall to Wall” sale begins at all of The Fishin’ Hole locations. The sale runs till Aug. 29th with savings from 20 to 50 percent on everything in the stores . I will be in the Westend Store on the 26th all day and the Southside Store on the 27th, come down and say Hi and pick up some great bargains..

Strange Sightings

We have had the pleasure of getting to witness some of natures great moments like getting up close and personal with this baby deer and seeing for the first time ever a flock of 16 Loons all together,

IMG_0201 IMG_0320

On a sad note my trademark sweat stained “LUCKY” hat has gone to a watery grave, RIP my friend!!!!!!!

Remember to call and book your spot for late August as well as Sept. and Oct.

Remember to “Keep Your Hook In the Water”





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