Year of the “Big Pike”

Well this early shot of winter has put a hold on fishing till it warms up again so it gives me a chance to post this update.


We have been going hard on the water since the start of Sept. and the fishing has gone from slow to some great day’s of lots of walleye and some real nice pike. The walleye only keeps getting better and like this whole season late in starting but they are now moving into their winter holes and feeding heavy.

Several of our guests have had the thrill of hooking into big river pike this fall. Our group from Abalone Construction even landed not just one but 3 big pike in the same day. The largest being a 38 in and 17 in. around monster that we got to see take the hook in slow motion before it striped off line in rapid fashion.


Here are some other great fish from this fall so far.

img_0783-smallimg_0808-smallimg_0806-smallimg_0805-small   img_0798-smallimg_0787-smallimg_0795-smallimg_0832-small

Also we have posted portions of the Bob Izumi and Dave Mercer shows on YouTube so if you missed them you can go to the following links to veiw them.

Well that is all for now so lets all pray for some warmer weather.