Crazy For Big Pike

Well it has ben awhile since the last posting to my Blog as Sept. was very busy. They say it was thw wetest September in 123 years and I have to agree as I was out in it for most of the month. The temperatures were also very cool for September and Indian summer was late in coming. We have been enjoying some great weather the last week and it must have turned the big pike on as we baoted 3 monsters in three days. The walleye have been slow in comng on this fall but there are signs that they are starting the normal fall pattern. We still have some dates left for October and if the weather holds we could be fishing into November.

img_1160-mediumDay 2Day 3

Three days in a row of big pike, awesome.





We also shot with the crew of The New Fly Fisher for two day’s. We had great weather and some nice fish for the show. It will show three species of fish from the North Saskatchewan river, pike, walleye and goldeye. We also had a great bull moose come and pose for the camera. The show will air sometime next year.


Well that is all for now but promise to submit another insert before Christmas.


Remember to keep your hook in the water.



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