Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I am sorry for not posting anything lately but I have just recovered from a serious injury. No worries as all good to go now and can’t wait to start fishing again.

We missed last year but are planning to head out to B.C. again this spring to hunt for the Great White Ghosts, the white sturgeon of the Fraser River. We will use the services of Great River Fishing Adventures who I would recommend to anyone as they are very professional and know where the fish are. This is the same outfit that put on the World Sturgeon Classic, which is the only tournement of it’s kind in the world.







The trip will include all-inclusive guided fishing, hotel, breakfast and lunch. The last time many of us took advantage of a great seat sale WestJet had on or we can get a group rate. It is much faster then driving. We would stay for 3 nights and fish for two day’s. I would like to aim for about the first or second weekend in May.

Prices will vary depending on how many people per boat. The following is an example.

2 people per/boat = $953.00 each

3 people per/boat = $799.00 each

4 people per/boat = $657.00

Your Hotel, breakfasts and lunches are included in price. These prices do not include taxes, fishing license and tips. The license is different if you fish saltwater and is a lot cheaper but if the fish are up in the freshwater we will need a freshwater license, crazy I know.

If you have never caught one of these great fish you should try it, they are such an incredibly strong fish and you will “Get Hooked”

Please call or email me if you have any interest.


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