Spring Has Sprung So Let’s Get Fishing

Well it is officially fishing season and the fish are biting.

With the water temperatures starting to warm up and the spring spawn now over the fish will start to feed heavy after a long winter. Just over two weeks ago the water temps. were in the low 40’s and fishing was slow and in the river walleye were still leaking having not quite finished their spawn. But last week our numbers in both the river and lake increased considerably. The river is out fishing the lake for now but this will all change as we still do not have any sign of the mountain melt and it is late this year.

The river is yielding goldeye in pretty good numbers but they are as many of you know bait stealer’s and can sometimes frustrate even the best angler. At the very least you will be getting bites. The walleye bite is very soft and they don’t seem to commit to it but that is changing every week and the numbers are on the up swing. The odd pike is being caught but no monsters so far. This spring we had an unusual bite happen. We might get a Burbot or two in the Spring but this year it was crazy for them. This is a good sign as both Pike and Walleye feed on them.



Great Early Summer Lake Action

As for lake fishing it continues to get better and better. Three weeks ago Fish and Wildlife milked walleye in Lac Ste Anne and sent the fertilized eggs to the Cold Lake hatchery. They harvested 10 million eggs and 7 million hatched. They are releasing 6,500,000 fry and 5000,000 fingerling’s into Lake Wabumun. They hope to one day return this gem of a lake into the world class walleye fishery it once was. With the water temperatures climbing the pike are becoming a lot more aggressive. We had a half day trip with Mark from Australia and he boated 20 fish and two where in the high 30 in. range. If you have not fished this lake before give it a try you won’t regret it.

Time to Book That Fishing Trip

If you have any fishing dates in mind please give us a call sooner then later to avoid disappointment. With the weather getting warmer the phone has been ringing with bookings. If you want a Fall spot please have it booked by no later then the end of the month as it sells out every year and after last years great fishing we are sure that it will only improve more.


Take care and hope to see you this season. Remember to keep your hook in the water (: )


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