The Fall Fishing Season Is Here

Lake MonsterWell Summer is almost over and the time of year when many of you like to get out fishing is fast approaching. We finished off our lake season with some great pike, all I can say is that if you have not tried it with us you should. The picture you see here is a 42′ long and 17″ around monster we picked up as the last fish of the day. Between coaching this young fisherman, staying out of the reeds and keeping the waves from coming over the bow it was a busy time in my boat.

We are now back on the river after a very long wait, longest in my 18 years of guiding but we are so happy to be back on it. The fishing has been not bad and we are burning up bait on the many goldeye in the river. Some very nice ones being caught as well as some very healthy walleye. Throw in pike, sauger and a very fat sucker and you have a very nice mixture. The icing on the cake has to be catching our third Brown Trout in the last two years. Crazy to go 16 years and never catching any and then get three in less then a year. This may be a great brown fishery one day.

Very nice Brown TroutSaugerWe are pleased to be collecting walleye data for the SRD this year and we are getting our guests involved with it as well. It gives them a chance to be part of helping make sure that the right data is being collected for our fishing future. So far our guests have enjoyed being part of the project.



September and October dates are filling up. The following dates are still open in Sept. They are the 4-6th, 10,11,13,17,19,24-26th and 30th. In October there are more open dates but the 3,6,9,11,12,15,19,20 are booked up so far. You can call us to see if there are any single boats available but so far as large groups we only have the dates posted as open.

Hope that helps with the latest update and we look forward to seeing you on the water this Fall.

“Remember to keep your hook in the water”






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Our Best July Ever in 18 Years

Well after 18 years of slow July’s we had our best ever this year and it was thanks to the many of you who came out to see what the lake part of our season was all about. I don’t think anyone went home disappointed after catching some giant pike or good numbers of walleye there were many smiles on our guests faces. It was also awesome to see how many folks were new to fishing and wanted to see what it was all about, many of them are “HOOKED” now.

This past week Gordon from Calgary caught his fish of a lifetime with a 41 inch long and 15 inch around northern pike, as well his grandson and Gordon caught 8 pike over 33 inches that day. Randy in his boat with guests John and Kim from Texas caught 8 fish as well over 33 inches in a half day. They were even looking at real estate after their trip.


Even though we have not been on the river for sometime now we are hoping we will be soon. In my 18 years of guiding the North Saskatchewan river I have never seen it this high or muddy this late in the season. We are praying that the rain storms that drop inches and not millimetres stop soon.

OJ Pipelines Trip a Huge Hit

We had the chance to host OJ Pipelines for a day on the water in early July. They had a great crew of 17 guys out and everyone had a lot of laughs and caught fish at the same time. Paul Stuckless Cooperative Safety Manager at OJ Pipelines had this to say about their day with us.

“On behalf of O.J. Pipelines’ management I’d like to thank Keith and the guides from Get Hooked Fishing Adventures for an excellent day on the water. You run a class act!

Our guys from all across the country are still talking about how impressed they were to have fishing this good…this close to Edmonton

We’ll definitely be back”

We hope that others companies will join our growing list of satisfied corporate clients.

Congratulations to Randy Bertrand

I am pleased announce that our head guide Randy Bertrand who is the past Economic Development Manager for the Town of Devon and a Tourism Leader has been named Travel Alberta’s Alto Ambassador of the Year. This is a very highly recognized achievement in the Tourism Industry. Many of you that have had Randy as your guide know what an excellent person he is.

New Fisher People Are “Getting Hooked”

We have noticed an increase in the amount of new people trying out fishing for the first time this year, and they love it. Karen and her three daughters travelled to Alberta to enjoy the Calgary Stampede, the Rockies and fish with us at Get Hooked. Ahmad and his family and Martin Baclig’s family are all now officially fisher people.


Why Wait For Fall Do It Now 

September and October dates are booking up. I have the following dates open. September 4-6, 9-13, 15-19 and 24-28 are all open still and some limited space for the other dates. In Oct. it is open except for the 3,9,11,12,19 and 20th which are all booked up. please avoid disappointment by calling now and booking your Fall trip when fishing goes crazy.

Take care and keep your hook in the water.




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