2012 Fishing Highlights

Well our 2012 fishing season has come to an end and what a season it was. Given that the weather was poor to start we finshed it with a bang making it our busiest year to date. I would like to thank all of you who booked with us this season and especially those that booked more then one trip it tells us we must be doing something right and we will continue to offer the best service we can.

Lake Wabamun Monsters

This lake produced some of the most incredible pike for our guests this season and it was very consistant. I am happy to report that I don’t think anyone went home without a smile on their face after a day on this trophy pike fishery. The largest pike was 43in. with a close to 20 in. girth but there were plenty of other fish very close in size. If you want to book a trip for these monsters the best time is middle of June till early August and start getting in shape now as they are line rippers not logs. Please click on pictures to enlarge.

big pike, northern pike, Lake Wabamun, Edmonton Alberta Canada

These are just a few of the many big pike caught this summer.



Lac Ste Anne and Jackfish Lake Walleye

Both these lake produced well for us again this year. Things did get a little scary on Lac Ste Anne as the water temperatures reached 85.5 degrees one day which can be very deadly to fish populations. A couple of days of rain brought the temp. down and everything was good again. We still continue to limit our fishing on Jackfish Lake to week days in June and early July due to the boat traffic this lake now has. I and I am sure many other fisherman wish that the big ski boats would show more respect for the smaller watercraft that are fishing. We had a geat day with the OJ Pipeline crew on Lac Ste Anne with lots of laughs and some pretty good fishing. Jackfish lake is still producing some very nice walleye as well.

walleye, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, lake, fishing guide





The River 

What can I say other then we thought we were never going to get on the river this season what with all the rain and mountain run off. It wasn’t till Aug. 18th that we finally got on it that is close to a month behind when we are usually on it. It took a little while for things to pick up but over all we did well this season. As many of our guests know they helped us collect data on walleye for Fish and Wildlife as well as numbers of fish caught. I can now tell you we boated a total of 2,851 fish between Aug. 18 and Oct. 28th. The SRD was very pleased with the data you helped collect so a big thank you to you all. The biggest pike caught was a 41 in.brute and had guest Dave Bussey working hard to get the fish in and on an ultra light to boot. Stephanie Krause was a very close second with a 40 in. pike and she also caught a good looking 25 in. walleye that made her and her Dad’s day one they will not soon forget. Big walleye were around the 31 and 30 in. range and the smile on the faces of those that caught them told the story. Glen from Kemway Construction said it was his biggest fish ever and boy he was excited even almost knocked me overboard, LOL. Many people fished as family’s on the river this year and opened the eyes of their kids to what a wonderful place they have in there own backyard.

Here are a few more great fish.


In all it was another great year and with all of us practicing “Catch and Release” it will ensure that we have these fish here for many years to come. Once again a big “THANKS” from all of us to you. We are now taking bookings for the 2013 season so remember to get them in early to avoid disappointment. Have a great winter everyone and see you again in 2013.

“Remember to keep your hook in the water”.


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