Hope Everyone Had a Happy New Year

Crazy Weather!!

Well as we are in the middle of another deep freeze I wanted to let everyone know that we have already started booking for the 2013 season which is early this year but great for the folks that know the dates they want and making sure they get them. Last year was a new record for us at Get Hooked and I want to say thanks to all of our guests for their support. This will be our 19th year in operation and we look forward to providing the same level of service you have come to expect. If you do have any dates in mind please feel free to call me or drop me an email.

2013 Spring Sturgeon Trip 

I have started to plan the annual Spring trip for the Grey Ghosts on the Fraser River. We usually head out late April before everyone gets to busy here at home. Last year saw everyone catch a sturgeon and share a lot of good memories with old and new friends. For the first time we had a lady win for the largest sturgeon. Dawn fought her fish for a good 40 min. and not once did she falter. That fish did not stand a chance. We had several “Sturgeon Virgins” on the two trips we hosted but they went home with some great stories.

The smiles on their faces should say it all. Please let me know if you have any interest in joining us for a great weekend getaway. I will be providing more details soon.



Get Out There For a Little Hard Water Fishing 

I have not iced fish for years as I usually head South but not this year so I thought I would give her a go. I love to just be out there and if I catch a fish it is a bonus. Well my first day out turned into just that. We caught fish right off the start and had a fairly steady day of bites and hook ups. I watched a flag fly and ran over to the tip up to set the hook, I didn’t expect such a solid set then big run by the fish. When her head crossed the hole the first time we were stunned at the size. I was able to get her through on the first pull which was nice, quick picture and back in. She weighed in at 23 lbs., awesome from a small lake 1/2 a mile from my home. If you get a chance and have not done it for a while give it a go again, I have been out a few more times and enjoyed the day. It is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Sad Note
The Federal Government has overturned the Alberta ruling regarding barbless hooks. This is dated back to 2011 and somehow did not make the 2012 regulations. People can no longer be fined or equipment forfeited for having barbed hooks. They say there is no scientific proof that bardless hooks help in reducing fish mortality. I would like to stick a barbed and barbless hook in each of their arms and have them tell me which is doing less damage. As many of you have seen how clean and easy it has been for us to release fish caught by you and at the same time making better fishermen of all of us by paying attention to what we are doing and how we play the fish. We will continue to adopt the barbless method as we were doing this before the law was in place. We sure have not had to many guests ever complain about not catching enough fish. We will also continue to use only single hooks which also helps with  fish survival. Please if you are out there fishing continue to pinch your barbs for the fish’s sake.
Remember to keep your hook in the water and I look forward to hearing from all of you this season.
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