Great Season So Far And The River is Back On

July and August Great Months On The Lakes

Both these summer months have been great lake fishing for us and our guests with large numbers of fish being caught on both Lake Wabamun and Jackfish Lake. The big Pike continue to bite on Wabamun and the other day we boated 8 fish over 32 in. and a final total of 76 fish. Jackfish Lake continues to amaze us with the walleye fishing, I know that I am averaging 100 plus fish a day and the guests are over the top with the non stop action.


This has been a year of  first time fishermen and gals getting out and experiencing what fishing is all about, they are all “HOOKED” now.


Back On The River

We got back on the river on Aug. 7th  for the first time since the end of May a bit earlier then last year. We did pretty good with goldeye, walleye and a pike caught during a cool damp outing. It gave guests James and Sheila a chance to become a part of the NSR walleye information gathering which they were proud to be a part of. This was James 9th season of coming up and fishing with us and he will be back in September for three more days of fishing.


August, September and October Bookings


If you are looking to book any trips for Aug. we still have a few dates open.  Sept. has boats on the water everyday except 4 days. We still have some days where there is a boat or two open for booking. Almost every weekend in Oct. is now booked with very limited space, during the week we still have openings but we are booking daily. If you have any dates in mind please contact us sooner then later.

Cheers and remember to keep your hook in the water, it has paid off for many guests this season.


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