September/ October Fishing High Lights

I am sorry for not doing a blog update in Sept. but when you are going hard for 15 hrs a day for 36 days there has to be priorities and making sure that all the trips ran smoothly was the biggest.

I once again want to thank everyone that fished with us in September for helping make it a off the chart record breaking month. I apologize to those of you we had to say that we were all booked up to, wish we could have taken care of you as well.

The fishing was a bit slow to start on the river but has been picking up everyday. This whole season seems to be a month behind so we are praying the weather holds till November for us. Have been catching some real nice walleye lately and throw in some monster pike that really add to the excitement. Our fish data collection program has been a big hit with everyone again this year. The pins everyone receives at the end of the day just make it that much more special.

Ladies = Big Fish

This past month the ladies have really been doing a job catching the big ones. In fact 2 of the three largest walleye caught have been brought in by the ladies. The pike have also lost the challenge to the ladies. Great job gals.


The Guys Did Well 

Not to be totally out done the guys caught some great fish as well.


Bassin Buddies Come to Canada 

A group of 7  gentlemen that have been friends since high school get together every year and go fishing. This year they fished with us at Get Hooked. We hope their trip was a memorable one for them as it sure was on us, LOL.


Oct. Still has a few Openings

We still have a few dates open in Oct. so if you want to get out and enjoy the prime fishing time please give us a call to see what is available. Looks like the weather is going to stay nice for a while yet.

Meet our new Mascot

Lamb Chop was rescued from the chilly waters of the NSR and is now our official good luck mascot. The only thing she fears is people in rubber boots and Velcro gloves, LOL.


Well we hope to still see you out fishing and remember to keep your hook in the water.


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