Well The Book Closes on Another Season

As I write this post I look outside and think that just a few weeks ago I was on the water for the last time this season and fishing for myself, great way to relax and reflect about this past fishing season. This fish was just one of many caught that day. Thank god for my Scotty bag to be able to show off this beautiful 72 cm (28 in.) female that was 14 in. around.

Record Breaking Season

2013 was an all time record breaking season for bookings for Get Hooked Fishing Adventures and we want to say to all of you that fished with us a great big THANK YOU. It was great to once again see past guests returning and getting to meet many of the new people that fished with us for the first time and several even did a second trip later in the season.

Some great fish were caught again this year and yes another Brown Trout that was 23 in. long caught by returning guest Kirk who did two trips this season with his Dad, family members and friends. The pike in the picture was the biggest of the season measuring 42 in. long and 19 in. around, pushed very close to the 30 pound mark. Greg one of our returning and multi trip corporate clients gave his guest the thrill of a lifetime with that fantastic fighting fish.


Great To See The Young People Fishing

This year also saw a very high number of parents and grand parents getting out there fishing with their kids. This is so important in this day and age when the younger generation seems to be so caught up in the tech age. There is no better way to spend quality time with our kids and grand kids then to be out on the water sharing the thrill of catching their first fish. Most of them are now HOOKED for life!!!!

Check out those smiles I think that says a lot about their day on the water.


Marking Program a Huge Hit

This was our second season collecting data for the Alberta Government with the addition of marking fish this year. Get Hooked guests helped donate well over 1000 rod hours to this valuable program. Our guests felt that they were helping the fishery by helping our team collect the data and they had a real hands on experience. The cradles that we built for holding the fish in water while we processed the information worked great and saw all the fish being released in good health. The way we handle the fish and pass that knowledge along to our guests is why we were able to have such a high re-capture rate, good sign of low or nil mortality. Also using a single barbless hook helps in the fishes survival as well, very little handling-quicker release. The ESRD is very grateful to all of our guests for helping collect the data for them. The pins ESRD provided went over big with everyone. The only way you could get one of these pins was through Get Hooked and helping with the program.

We look forward to passing along the data results to all of you when it is complete.


Start Looking At Your April Weekends 

We are starting to get things set up for our annual Get Hooked on a Great River Adventure weekends. I am looking at the weekends of April 12-13 and 19-20. If you have caught these incredible fish before you know what I am talking about when I say they are one of the most exciting fish you will ever catch. If you have never done it give it a try, you won’t soon forget it. If you want to be on the trip list please email me and I will make sure you will be kept up to date or continue to see updates on our Blog.


Get Ready 2014 is Our 20th Anniversary

Look for the January Blog for more information on exciting events and contests that we will be providing to help celebrate 20 Years in the guiding business here in the Edmonton area.

The hard water will soon be here so please be safe and keep your hook in the water.



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