Open Water Is Here For 2015

The river and lakes are ice free early this year and the mountains don’t have a lot of snow left on them meaning a lighter run off this spring. I plan on going on the river this weekend to test the waters. Will seem strange after being on the rivers in BC the last 12 days. We just finished our annual sturgeon trips but more on that later. I had visited two famous Canadian lure manufactures on my recent trip so will share that experience later in the blog as well.

First Trip On The River April 26/15

Two great fish to start the season out. Nice 24 in. walleye and then this awesome 40in. long and an amazing 17in girth river pike. Nice start. (sorry for the poor picture but was alone)

2015 Start 12015 Start 2




Book Early To Get Your Dates You Want

We have been booking for a while now but still have lots of dates open for you to choose from. Last year we had several groups that we could not accommodate because of last minute booking, book soon to avoid disappointment.

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This year many people are talking about cut backs but they still see Get Hooked as an affordable form of entertainment for personal pleasure and business . Call us today for any information you may be looking for or a date you have in mind. (780-963-4279)

2015 Spring Sturgeon Trips

Well I could tell you this year was off the charts fishing for sturgeon but I am not a person that can exaggerate. For some reason the fish were a little tight lipped this year and it was driving guides all up and down the Fraser river crazy, they had never seen it like this for the time of year. All of our fishermen caught fish.

The boys that joined us this year did well and caught their biggest and some of them their first sturgeon. As the fish get bigger you can ask Mike and Doug how much harder the fight is, sure put a big smile on their faces when they finally landed it. Benny and Wai were out for their first trip and day one gave them both a great workout catching their first sturgeon.

IMG_2076 IMG_2127 IMG_2122




If you want to book any salmon or sturgeon trips this season please give us a call and we can set it up for you.

Touring The Legends

After many years of being asked and me planning on doing it we finally got together to make it happen.

While out in BC I took a day to drive into Vancouver to visit our first ever sponsor Gibbs/Delta which was Gibbs/Nortec back in the early 2000’s. Long time owner Syd Pallister and partner Rob Alcock welcomed me to their plant. This is one of Canada’s oldest manufactures of fishing lures and tackle. Though much of what they sell today comes from off-shore as most tackle does they still make some of their own tackle on site still. It was like watching a piece of history come alive. They still take that pride in every lure they produce, very rare these days.

IMG_2102 IMG_2106 IMG_2104



On my way back home I stopped at another legendary tackle maker and brother of Syd, Richard Pallister that owns the truly legendary Len Thompson Lures in Lacombe Alberta. What a treat to be where the Red Devil, Five of Diamonds and so many other fine lures are made. How many of you have ever seen the original Red Devil and the stamp press that has cranked out over 50,000,000 lures. Like stepping back in time. Thanks to all of these gentlemen for sharing a bit of history with me.

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Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Starts Soon

Check out our newest package where you will fish off the banks of the NSR for your chance to catch one of our local lake sturgeon with guide Barry Butler.

DCP_0003 IMG_1505 (544x408)Barry Cover Shot




Need A Weekend Getaway

Another new package for 2015 is the “Get Hooked on a Lake Wabamun Shoreside Getaway“. It is close to home and the fishing and accommodations are great.

Take care and remember to keep your hook in the water.


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