Special Guests and Open dates

What a start to summer this has been. Fishing like we haven’t seen in years on the lake and the river didn’t even get high this season, first time I can ever remember that happening. Everyone should get out there and enjoy this beautiful summer fishing.

Special Guest

Well on June 19th I was waiting for my US clients at Beachcorner getting ready for another great day of fishing. Jeramy who had booked the day introduced me to a lovely group of ladies who were anxious to do some fishing here in Canada. Hope, Gina and Bree were anxious to fish as it was the first time for Bree and the other ladies only had a limited amount of fishing experience, Jeramy was the pro. I warned him that the ladies were going to kick his butt and he just laughed. Well Bree caught her first fish off the dock after a few pointers from me on her first cast, then Gina did the same thing. The fish gods were looking down on us. Well by the end of the day they had boated 165 fish with some real good sized fish caught by Hope but Jeramy did finish with the biggest. Hope said her wrists were tired from so many and such big fish. Turns out Hope Solo is the goal keeper for the US Womens soccer team who just won the World Cup this last weekend. Once I found out she played soccer I laughed and said at least you don’t need your hands for that, then she told me she was the goalie, I thought I was in big trouble, LOL. What a great bunch of people and some of the most polite folks I have ever met. Had a great time with them and I even watched some of their games.

image1image2 image3 IMG_4578Congratulations to the US Womens Soccer Team on their Gold Medal win and Hope winning the golden glove award.

New Lowrance Sonar Sonar on Board

Well they are all mounted and tested and all I can say is that the Elite 7 with CHIRP is outstanding. They are so easy to use and the imaging is incredible especially on the down imaging. The big 7 in. screen never leaves you fighting to see what is on the screen. This unit does so much and as I am learning more about it I will be happy to share it with you on the boats.


Bye the way I have a couple of Humminbird units for sale at a good price so call me if you are interested at 780-963-4279.

Thanks to Craig at Scotty Fishingfor supplying me with the hardware to mount the new sonar to my other fine Scotty products.

Fishing Report

Lake Wabamun continues to be insane for fishing. We have had every full day trip catch over a hundred fish a day with both pike and walleye in the last 3 weeks and it is not slowing down.

Lac Ste Anne was great for walleye and may still be but the fishing on Wabamun has us across the highway all the time. Had 100 fish days on this lake earlier and no reason it should have slowed down that much.

NSR is fishing well with some great goldeye so far this season. The new technique we are using is producing more of them on the hook instead of your bait being stolen. The walleye are steady and should only get better.

Stollery/Ronald McDonald Family Day

Who would have ever thought that it would be hot in June? The Family day outing for the kids had to be cancelled due to temperatures being around 32 degrees. Well maybe next year. Thanks to all of the Get Hooked guides and a few good friends for volunteering their time and boats to this great cause.

Open Dates for Booking

We had quite a flurry going there so a bunch of dates were booked up. We still have the following for weekends.

July 18,19, 25, 26

Aug. 2, 9, 16, 22, 23,30

Sept. 5, 6, 13, 26, 27

Oct. is still open for most dates and the 10th has only one boat available.

We still have several weekdays open as well so just call or email me for availability.

Remember “Keep your hook in the water”




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