Great Summer And Up Coming Fall Fishing

     In spite of what has been quite a wet summer this year we have not hardly lost a day of fishing and all guests have gone home with some great pictures as well as fond memories of their day on the water.
In 2016 we have had a chance to meet many new guests from around the world such as Egypt, England, Australia, China and of course our great neighbor’s to the south, USA. Also age has ranged from 5 years old to an impressive 84 years old, just shows you that you are never to young or old to get out fishing. We also saw an increase in fishing gals this year and they sure make for an interesting day of laughs and good fish.

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This has to be the biggest smile of the season.

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Fly Fishing Lessons

For our first year offering beginner fly casting and then a part day of fishing we are pleased to say almost every one went home having caught a pike or walleye on the fly as well as the basics of fly casting.

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Sneak Peak at New Shimano Reel

NASCI is an exciting, new, powerful spinning reel with unparalleled gear durability at its price point. Incorporating upgraded drag, X-Ship and HGN Gearing, and available in sizes from 1000 through 5000, it’s a great choice for everything from light freshwater to medium saltwater applications.

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Fall Fishing Starting Soon

The river is high right now but dropping daily and we hope to be back on it soon. The days we have been on the river this season have all been very productive and as the weather cools the fishing will only get better.

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We still have spots available so please book sooner than later to get the date you want.

Booze and Boats

This is a good example of why boating and booze don’t mix. This group hit dry land and were very lucky no one was hurt seriously. They were also lucky that we helped them out, not something we do to boaters that are drinking and behaving badly.

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We had already moved it around ten feet before this picture.

Hope to see many of you this Fall and remember “Keep Your Hook In The Water”


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