Happy New Year 2017

Howdy folks sorry for the delay but the last few months have been crazy times for me but back on track now.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that some of you are out ice fishing, lots of ice I hear from all the cold in December.

Here is a bit of an update from Late Sept. and what is coming up.

Fall Fishing 2016

With water conditions being a bit off early in Sept. it took a week or two to settle down and when it did the fishing was incredible right up till Nov. 16 when we did our last trip. The numbers of fish were good and perhaps seeing a small increase. More small fish then we have seen in the past but also some real monsters in the 8-10 lb. range. We had the biggest walleye I have seen for a very long time beside the boat then spit the hook, heart breaking for the client but at least he saw it. Small fish is a good sign that the fish are bouncing back in the middle section.

Nice Pike


Goldeye, Brown Trout and Crazy Weather

2017 Spring Sturgeon Trip

We have picked April 1-2 and 8-9 as our dates for our annual Spring Sturgeon trip. If you are interested in joining us please drop me a line at 780-953-0759 or email me at keith@gethookedfishing.com. I have travelled out in early Nov. for the last few years as well and done well for sturgeon and salmon so we can always put together a package for you.

Commercial Water Work

In 2015 Get Hooked branched out to do some light duty commercial water work in Calgary on the Bow River. In 2016 we were the successful bidder on a City of Edmonton Drainage contract. In 2017 we are going to be looking for more commercial work as well as maintaining our City contract. If you know any companies looking for water support please have them give us a call and we will be happy to work with them.

Booking For 2017 Now Open

We are now accepting bookings for the 2017 season. Please feel free to call me at 780-963-4279 or email keith@gethookedfishing.com.

Remember to “Keep Your Hook In The Water”




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