Some Big News For 2016

Sorry for not posting sooner but have been waiting for two of the items in this BIG NEWS edition of the BLOG, lol.

The New Boat Is Here

Well after what seemed like forever when you are all jacked up about getting something new and have to wait, the wait is over and we have a brand new boat to add to our small fleet of boats. I am pleased to introduce the Explorer 172 DC with 115/80 Yamaha outboard jet. I was very fortunate to be able to customize a lot of this boat and thanks to Dave over at Explorer my dream fishing machine is ready to rock and roll this season. With the storage that has been incorporated into this boat and the casting platforms not only on the front but the back as well, we now have end to end room for fishing and nothing on the deckĀ for you to trip on. Here are a few pictures of the build.

IMG_0477 IMG_0501 IMG_0556 IMG_0616 IMG_0620 IMG_0626

The first trip is on Saturday and super excited to show this new boat off.

Third Year In A Row

I want to send out a great big thank you to everyone that took the time to share their time with us with the world on TripAdvisor. To win it one year is great, two years is fantastic but three years is very rare. It has meant so much to us to hear so much positive feedback and people listen to what you have to say. It has helped grow our business here at Get Hooked and we appreciate it. It takes very little time with the link we send out to you as part of our thank you email. We hope that folks continue to share with others.


Two New Packages Start This Weekend

The new for 2016 packages “Bare Bones” and “Beginner Basic Fly Fishing Lessons” will start this weekend with one trip on Saturday and the BB on Sunday. We have sold several of these packages already this season and are getting calls about them daily. So if you are looking at getting out and saving some money the Bare Bones may be what you are looking for.

bare bones2

Always wanted to learn to fly fish? Well come and check out our two person day of getting the basics of fly fishing and a chance to try it out right away chasing hungry pike on a fly.

Fly Pic

I hope everyone has a great summer and we hope to see you on the water sometime this season.

Remember “Keep Your Hook In The Water”



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