Get Hooked Fishing Adventures - Our History

Celebrating over 22 Years of Guided Fishing

It is hard to believe that 22 years have gone by so fast as it just seems like yesterday that I started Get Hooked Fishing Tours which would later change to Adventures Inc. It has been a long journey to get to where we are today, scratching to get 12 trips in 1994, to now doing over a 125 trips a season and still growing.

We have hosted so many great people over the last 22 years and it is amazing how many have become more than just guests returning every year. a quick review of the history of Get Hooked Fishing Adventures, should write a book one day. Enjoy!


Harry and Colleen were our first trip ever on the McLeod River. Yes, we could keep fish back then and it was before we realized how important it was to practice Catch & Release to keep our business running.

The first boat was a 8 1/2 foot Zodiac with an older Johnson 25 hp motor. Yes we changed a few shear pins back then!!!!


Moved up to a 11' Zodiac and a 9' Zeebec, things are moving ahead. Nice only one trailer to move two boats.


We have hit the big times now first ever real jet boat, Explorer 142 and it was the first one that they ever sold. We like being #1. Learned a lot about what makes a great fishing boat from this boat.

First 14 foot jetboat  


Our boats are now fine tuned fishing machines.


We have hosted a few fishing legends over the years as well.

Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi
(Real Fishing Show)

Dave Mercer

Dave Mercer
(Facts of Fishing)

Mariko Izumi

Mariko Izumi

Professional Hockey Players Kyle and Zack

Professional Hockey Players Kyle and Zack

Mariko Izumi filmed her pilot show with us and has now gone on to being a popular fishing show host.

We also did the Fishing with the Dodger and Fishing on The Fly. (Go to our Media Page to see these YouTube videos.)

Groups & Great People

Many different groups from small to up to 30 people have been hosted.

Look at those original blue hats

We try and send our guests away all relaxed

Relaxed Fisherman  

I don't think you get anymore relaxed then this gentleman.

We are proud to be the "First" and "Only" Certified Freshwater Angling Guide's in Alberta

Keith Rae Certified Freshwater Angling Guide  

Told you we like being first.


Kids are important to us as well so we get out there and talk to them about how much fun fishing is.

St. Albert Junior Forest Wardens  

St. Albert Junior Forest Wardens

Fish in Our Future

The fish are very important to all of us that is why Get Hooked Fishing Adventures started the North Saskatchewan River Walleye Data collection working with the Alberta Government. We are the only guided fishing service doing this at this time. Customers love being part of it as well.

Gourmet Lunch

Both Randy and myself have enjoyed boating folks up and down the river as well as serving them a gourmet lunch.

How many have we done of these over the last 20 years?

Living The Dream

If you ever wanted to know how I feel about getting to live my dream and sending folks home with great memories this picture says it all.

Keith Rae Living the Dream  

Thanks to all of our past guests and we look forward to being in operation for a long time to come. Keith


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