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Fly Fishing for Northern Pike, Goldeye and Walleye


Adventure Awaits

Are you looking for a change in the species of fish you catch on the fly?

fly fishingChallenge yourself with:

  • Aggressive Pike

  • Scrappy Goldeye

  • Wary Walleye

Equipment needed:

  • 6-8 wt. rod (we suggest you bring your favourite pole along)
  • We have a couple of GLoomis rods and reels as well.
  • Both floating and a medium sinking line, Dry flys, streamer patterns (some supplied)


Please Note: Our Alberta guided fly fishing trips are recommended for the experienced fly fisher as you may be challenged by pike up to 40 inches in length and weighing 16-20 lbs. Pin point accuracy is required while site fishing for feeding Goldeye and a sensitive and quick touch is necessary for Walleye.







Beginner Fly Fishing Lessons - Whether you are single or a group of two we can get you started fly fishing



For more information please call Keith at 1-877-963-1888 or Email


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