We love to hear from our customers! Here are a few reviews that we have received from our valued customers.

"Had an amazing day on the lake. Mike was great. Exceeded all expectations."
"Wow. What an amazing night. Was a perfect outing for me and my kids. Caught so many fish. Mike was so patient with all our questions and different age levels! I would recommend this trip to everyone. Absolutely fabulous. Thanks Mike!"
"We just spent the evening fishing with Mike and had a blast! What a great family adventure!"
"Had a great time with Mike and Barry on the water the other day. Great for beginners and experienced anglers. Mike and Barry are both very friendly and love to share their knowledge. Caught a ton of fish!"
"I have taken my nephew fishing with Get Hooked for two years now. Mike does an excellent job teaching him how to catch fish, how to care for the fish and how to be safe in a boat. Mike answers all his questions and takes the time to really engage with him. Great teacher. See you next year!"
"Get Hooked Fishing Adventures partners with Dream Caster's Society and wow am I impressed. From the first phone call right to the end of the day on the water the support and care was phenomenal. Not only was the fishing great, the food, the company, the laughs, and the guides (Mike and Barry) made this an unforgettable experience for all of us! Highly recommend!"
"Mike was our Guide for the day and it was an amazing experience for us! Mike was knowledgeable and easy going. My boys enjoyed every exciting moment as the day was provided by Dream Casters! Mike provided us with a delicious warm satisfying lunch. I would recommend Get Hooked Fishing Adventures to anybody….seriously anybody, that would like to enjoy the outdoors, fishing and great company! "
"Went out with my gf and I for a day of fishing on the Saskatchewan river. Our guide Mike told the best jokes and had all the best spots. Caught 30 walleye and a pyke over the course of the day. Mike was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly knows how to get fish in the boat. Was the highlight of our trip out west and hope to do it again one day."
"Was not expecting such an awesome day on the lake. Fishing wasn't bad either. Barry was excellent."
"My family and I had tons of fun fishing on the river. We caught 78 monster walleye within 2 hours. Mike was an amazing guide. I will definitely take my family to get hooked fishing adventures again."
"My 11 year old son and I went out for a afternoon of fishing. Mike did a great job with us and made my son's first fishing experience extra special. He took the time to engage my son and made the day a memorable one. We pulled 50 fish out in 4 hrs and made memories to last a life time."
"Mike took my 8 year old son and I fishing at the end of August for an afternoon on Lac Ste. Anne and we had an amazing time. My son has been talking about catching a pike for several years and catch several pike we did! We caught some great Walleye as well and couldn't have had a more enjoyable afternoon. Mike was very knowledgeable and extremely patient with my son teaching him how to cast and several other tricks to fishing. I highly recommend using Mike if your in town visiting or if you are an aspiring fisherman, Mike will certainly get you started down the right path!"
B Macderm
"Since the start the experience was truly positive. All the steps we needed to do before the trip were explained in detail on company's site. The communication was perfect and the whole trip was very well organized. We initially booked the river trip but Mike, our guide, suggested that with all the rain we had had previous days, we should go to a lake instead. And we were happy we followed his advice! The first minute we were on the lake we caught our first fish! In total we caught 138 walleyes and 1 pike. Mike was awesome! He had everything ready for us, was very easy and fun to spend time with, and was there to help and answer any questions we had on the way. It was a perfect day we would like to repeat some time in future!"
"I'm a bass fisherman out of California here in Alberta on business. Looked up Mike, read a few reviews and booked my trip. From the moment I met him I knew we'd have a good time. Mike took me to a new spot he was working on and so we experimented with different methods and areas of the lake. Caught a bunch of stuff I'd never see in California and had a great time along the way. BIG recommend."
"Mike is a great guide and better guy. We had a lot of fun fishing on the river. We caught some fish and had some laughs. Highly recommend."
"We were staying in Banff and wanted a guided fishing tour. We found out it was 4 1/2 hours north and none the less made the road trip. We had an absolute blast. We caught 97 walleye in under 3 hours. We even moved off of Mike's hot spots and still were catching fish. It was a great time, even a storm couldn't ruin our fishing trip! It was a great way to end our vacation."
"I've had 2 trips of tired arms and steady bites which is more than most fisherman could ask for in a beautiful half day on the water. Through Get Hooked I was able to provide a sufficiently successful first day on the water for my five year old son no amount of skunking will ever uproot his desire to get a hook back in the water. Excellent flexible customer service by the owner Mike only enhances it."
S Sheckman
"Today I did the 4 hour lake fishing at Wabamum with the owner Mike, my dad and my 5 year old son. It was absolutely amazing. Mike is very patient, knowledgeable, punctual and very easy going. Made a great experience for all and is great with kids. Would definitely recommend this trip for anyone. And yes we caught lots of fish!"
"I have never had so much fun! I needed a day on the water to clear my mind. I slayed some big pike and some monster walleye. On top of that I had a beautiful day of comfort, laughter and delicious food. Exactly what my soul needed. Mike was an amazing host. I'll be booking again soon."
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